Ao Yon Beach is home to Phuket Yacht Club
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Yachts moor at Ao Yon Beach while others play in the water
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The beach next to the road is quite average

Ao Yon Beach

Ao is the Thai word for bay. At the south end of Cape Panwa is Ao Yon (Yon Bay). There are two beaches in Ao Yon split by a small headland. The beach that is next to the road is rather average. The beach you cannot see from the road is the best in South Phuket.

The beach by the road is a nice enough stretch of sand. The seabed is a little muddy and the wastewater pipes running into the sea do not encourage you to go bathing. It does have a couple of very pleasant and friendly restaurants at one end. The Ship Inn is a restaurant and bar serving good and reasonably priced Thai and western food. The Secret Cove is right next door and also serves some excellent Indian food. They also have a few rooms and bungalows for rent.

On the other side of the headland is the nice beach. You can't quite see it from the road so see below for directions.

This is an idyllic and relaxing location. It is the home of Phuket Yacht Club so the bay is full of sailboats. At weekends, they bring local children for a sail.

The beach is nice white sand, perhaps just a little too course to be perfect but nice enough. the beach slopes smoothly into the sea making a nice bathing beach. The bay is quite sheltered and since it is on the southern side of the island, it often avoids the worst of the monsoon season waves so it can be safe to play even in the rainy season.

A small restaurant has recently opened and they rent a handful of sun loungers on the beach or under the trees. They are free of charge if you are eating or drinking at the restaurant. It is a great place to chill out. The beach is generally quiet and the locals are very friendly. You can watch the odd boat sail out, take a swim or a stroll and while the day away.

The food and drink pricess are not the cheapest on the island but reasonable for the location.

The beach is ringed by coconut palms and some residential housing. You can find some very reasonably priced long-term rentals here considering the beach side location.

The rings of white bouys in the middle of the bay are a pearl farm.

You can get sailing lessons or rent a boat here from Topper Sail.

How to Get There

There are several routes to the beach. Here is one:

Get onto the Cape Panwa east coast road (Novotel Hotel side). One way there is to drive into Cape Panwa on Sakdidet Road and turn right at the signs to the Novotel Hotel. You will reach Khao Khat Road on the east coast of Cape Panwa.

Keep driving south along Khao Khat Road, passed Khao Khat Beach and it will swing left over a hill and down to Ao Yon.

If you keep going, you will come to the average side of the beach. However, before that you should see a model giraffe and then a sign pointing down the hill that says 'Beach Bar'. You should park your vehicle by the side of the road and walk the hundred meters down to the nice beach.


No hotels at this beach but you can get bungalows at The Secret Cove. It is sometimes possible to find short term property rentals.


See our Accommodation section for more advice about finding rooms.



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