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Longtail boats moored at Cape Panwa Beach

Cape Panwa Beach

This beach is at the end of Cape Panwa.

The beach itself does not have a lot to commend. It is a thin strip of sand and shingle. The seabed is sand and stones. The sea is shallow.

At one end of the beach is the Thai Naval Fleet HQ. At the other end of the beach is Phuket Aquarium. Between are a few shops, restaurants and hotels.

There are nice views to the outlying islands but the beach itself is not a big attraction. People come here to visit the aquarium or to take boats to outlying islands. The main attraction of Cape Panwa is the tranquility.

There is a pier at the southern end of the beach and longtails moor here.

How to Get There

Drive into Cape Panwa on Sakdidet Road. Just keep going following the signs to Cape Panwa. The beach is between the Thai Naval Area Command and the Aquarium.


The Kantary Bay is a pleasant hotel on the beach road that also allows guests access to the facilities at nearby Cape Panwa Beach Hotel. The Sri Panwa is just a couple of minutes away and is a stunning 5-star hotel that has already played host to a few heads of state.

Kantary Bay Hotel (4 star)
Sri Panwa Resort (5 star)


See our Accommodation section for more advice about finding rooms.






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