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Kata Viewpoint

Rock formations on Nui Beach
Getting to Nui Beach is not easy - photos do not do justice to how steep this track is - do not drive a car
At last - a view of Nui Beach

Nui Beach

This is a beautiful little spot but if you want to go overland, it is a tough one to reach. It is a small, sandy beach in a bay. The beach is ringed with rocks and split by a rock formation.

There is a charming, rustic restaurant overlooking the beach but it is a little expensive. During the low season, the restaurant is usually closed and there are no refreshments available.

The sand is fine with a little shingle. There are a few rocks in the sea so it is not an ideal bathing beach but it is okay for a swim. There is some nice snorkeling around both rocky headlands.

The beach is surrounded by hills. A small stream cascades down the hills and across the southern end of the beach.

How to Get There

Easy way - take a boat from Kata Noi.

Hard way - overland. Get onto the coast road between Kata and Nai Harn. There is some great scenery along this road including Kata Viewpoint just two kilometers from Kata. Going from Kata, about half a kilometer beyond Kata Viewpoint is the track to Nui Beach.

The signpost says it is two kilometers to the beach but it seemed like more to us. The track starts well above sea level and initially climbs up even higher before starting a long, steep descent to the beach.

Do not even think of driving a car along this track. It is rutted, rocky and has some very steep slopes. You will likely find yourself stuck or in the jungle if you try to navigate this track in a car. The locals and a few brave tourists do take their motorbikes but we do not recommend this either. It is a steep descent and it will seem even steeper when you try to drive back up.

We recommend you park your vehicles at the start of the track and walk. It is a demanding walk and a sensible pair of shoes is a good idea. The scenery will make up for the exertions.

There is also a guy with an ATV who will give you a lift for a small fee.

As if getting there was not hard enough, during the high season you will probably be charged 250 baht to enter the beach by this route. Although the beach is public, the track is over private land. The entrance fee does include a sun lounger and a drink (you will need more than one drink after that walk). During the low season there will probably be no charge but also no sun loungers or refreshments available.



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