View from Sarasin Bridge along Sai Kaew Beach
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Sai Kaew Beach - surprisingly clear waters
Sai Kaew Beach - Fishing from near Sarasin Bridge
View from Sai Kaew Beach across Sarasin Bridge to the Thai mainland
Friendly locals swimming at Sai Kaew Beach

Sai Kaew Beach

Sai Kaew means 'glass sand'. Sai Kaew Beach is at the northernmost point of Phuket. It stretches from Mai Khao Beach around the northwestern corner of Phuket and all the way to Sarasin Bridge. There is no physical boundary between Mai Khao Beach and Sai Kaew. They are considered to meet around the area with the rustic restaurants where Thepkrasattri Road meets the west coast.

The 600-meter long Sarasin Bridge is the link from Phuket to the Thai mainland. From Sai Kaew Beach, you look across the narrow channel to a similar beach on the Thai mainland.

Sai Kaew Beach is a thin strip of sand that slopes smoothly into the inviting waters. Considering this channel is a boat passage, the water quality is remarkably good. You will see lots of small fish swimming in the clear water close to the sandy shoreline. The northern end of the beach within view of Sarasin Bridge has the benefit of being sheltered from the rainy season waves.

Behind the beach is the sleepy village, Thachatchai. The friendly locals like to fish from Sarasin Bridge and from the beach at the area below the bridge.

Further from the bridge, the local children play in the water and wave happily to any passing stranger.

How to Get There

If you drive north on Thepkrasattri Road until you reach Sarasin Bridge, you can stop and look down on the beach. There is a footpath down to the beach and a small Thai foodstall. There will no doubt be a few locals fishing from the bridge and beach.

To drive to the beach you need to turn left before you reach Sarasin Bridge just before Thachatchai School. This side road runs straight to the beach.

When you leave, you will need to cross Sarasin Bridge to the Thai mainland and then do a u-turn to come back. On the other side of the bridge is a line of stalls selling local produce such as pineapples. You can buy small pineapples here from as little as two baht each. However, it is worth splashing out and spending 10 baht to get a big pineapple.


There are a few budget rooms and bungalows available in Thachatchai village.


See our Accommodation section for more advice about finding rooms.







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