Phuket Photos


Cape PromthepCape PromthepView from Cape Promthep to Nai Harn  Beach Kata Viewpoint across Kata Noi, Kata Beach and Karon BeachKhao Khat viewpoint to Koh SireyKhao Khat view across Chalong Bay Khao Rang view across Phuket Town to Chalong Bay


Take a dip in Bang Pae waterfallor take a jump into Bang Pae Waterfall Three level falls at Ton Sai
Cascade at Ton Sai waterfallArtificial drop pools at Kathu waterfall

Vegetarian Festival

Shamen pierce themselves with a variety of objectslike vegetables !or swords ! the processions are accompanied by firecrackersand drumsThe shamen wear bright colours and everybody else wears white

The Day After the Tsunami

Boats and slabs of concrete are lifted by the power of the waveThe power of the wave lifted cars and stacked them on top of each otherThe entrance to Banana Disco is jammed with cars It was a truly beautiful day - until....Patong's beach road is covered in sand and debrisNai Harn beach is a mess although the damge was mostly superficial


Wat Chalong - Thais light candles and joss-sticks outside60 meter high pagoda at Wat ChalongWat Chalong - bright colours under  a gloomy sky Wat Chalong - Buddha imageWat Chalong - Buddha imagesBurning josh sticks placed at the Jui Tui Shrine Wat Phra Nang Sang oozes historical atmosphere The Temple of the Serene Light is hidden away in Phuket Town The largest reclining Buddha in Phuket can be found at Wat Sri Soonton


Cental FestivalJung Ceylon, PatongDowntown fresh food market - Ranong Road, Phuket Town


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