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Government Depts

Tourism Thailand the official site for tourism in Thailand

Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs visas, Thai embassies & consulates, business information, general information about Thailand.

OTOP One Tambon One Product


Phuket Gazette - online English newspaper for Phuket, Thailand
A local English language newspaper printed weekly but the on-line version is updated daily. A useful source of local news and events. Also contains lots of useful information such as classified ads, business directory, cinema schedule and tide tables.

The Bangkok Post The on-line version of a daily national English language newspaper

The Nation The on-line version of a daily national English language newspaper.

Travel Sites

Dive The World Thailand - Dive The World are probably the number one internet agency for selling scuba diving holidays.

Thailand Divers - are a scuba diving company based in Patong Beach since 2004.

Easy Day Thailand - Tailor made travel solutions for Thailand - organised or personalised tours, diving, hotels and flights. Everything you need for your trip to Phuket.

Braun Rent A Car - Phuket's favorite car rental company, offers you Cars and Suzuki Jeeps with first class insurance at budget prices.

Phuket Vogue - An informatoin site about Phuket with some good insights into the attractions around the island.

Phuket Blogs

Phuket 101 - this is a great blog with lots of detailed information about all kinds of Phuket's well known and not so well known.

Jamie Monk- Jamie runs an excellent blog about Phuket off the beaten track.

Phuket Property

House in Phuket - A property rental site that has a good reputation in Phuket.

Phuket Renthouse - A good site that allows free listing of rental properties.

Phuket Property - One of the top sites in Phuket for buying or renting properties.


Bangkok Hospital, Phuket An international standard private hospital.

Phuket International Hospital An international standard private hospital.

Schools, International and Bi-lingual

British International School (formerly Dulwich)

QSI, International School

Phuket International Academy

Headstart International School (international kindergarten, primary and secondary school)

Montessori, International School

Kajonkiet International School

Kajonkiet, Bi-lingual School

Darasamut, Bi-lingual School


Thai Language

Note some of these sites will require you to download Thai fonts.

Learning Thai - one of the best starting points available on the internet. A large resource of Thai Learning tools including audio clips. Here you can learn to understand, speak and read Thai.

Spoken Thai - this is Learning Thai's sister site. It has lots of great learning audio but it is for the more advanced learner who has some Thai reading ability.

Thai Language - another good starting point with lots of Thai audio clips and an extensive dictionary.

The Fundamentals of Thai Language - this very good Thai language book first printed in 1957 is now available on-line. It is an excellent introduction to speaking and reading Thai.

Thai2English Dictionary - a two-way online dictionary. It is an excellent translation tool. It will translate English into Thai giving both the Thai spelling and a transliteration. If you have a Thai language keyboard, it will translate Thai alphabet words into English. It will also attempt to translate transliterated Thai words into English.

Thai Reader - a great site for those wanting to improve their reading and listening skills. This site contains stories and articles written in Thai with audio track. It starts with the Manee children's stories that Thai's learn at school. It then moves on to a series of stories written by Mary Hass who is one of the most respected authorities on Thai language.

E_Thai_Music - want to understand the lyrics to that catchy Thai song you like - this site is your best bet. Song titles and artists are listed in both Thai and English. You can select a song to listen to and read a translation of the lyrics.


Phuket Vegetarian Festival - background about this extraordinary festival and a timetable of this years events.

Thai Visa Forum - an internet forum about life in Thailand. There are lots of members who have experience of living in Thailand and can give useful insights about Thai laws, culture and lifestyle.

Chicky Net - a social network for expat women in Thailand. It is a great portal for women expats in Phuket to make new friends and find like-minded contacts.




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