The Cape Panwa Hotel Beach is nice but the seabed is rather rocky
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Cape Panwa Hotel Beach

Cape Panwa Hotel Beach

The Cape Panwa Hotel blocks access to this beach. At least they have the decency to call it a 'virtually' private beach. In all fairness to them, when we have gone to visit, nobody has ever challenged us. Against them - they have the cheek to claim it is one of the finest beaches in Phuket - it certainly isn't.

It is an average beach. The sand is fine and powdery. However, the seabed is rocky. You can have a little swim when the tide is in but you cannot go far out before you reach the rocks. You can have a little snorkel when the tide is in but there are not many fish or anything special to see.

There is a boat pier at the north end of the beach.

The hotel provides sun loungers for its guests and there is a restaurant and bar. You can only pay here by charging the bill to your room so it is effectively limited to hotel guests. The hotel has an infinity swimming pool near the beach and there is a small children's play area.

It is all pleasant enough but really if you were not staying at the hotel, you would not go out of your way to visit this beach.

How to Get There

Either stay at the hotel or you can take a boat or try to access through the hotel. Really it is not somewhere you would make an effort to visit if you were not a hotel guest.

To reach the hotel, drive to the end of Cape Panwa. When you reach the sea, there is a left hand turn and a steep climb up a hill to the hotel. Despite the fact they are blocking access to the beach we cannot really feel too bad about them. The atmosphere at the hotel seemed pretty relaxed.

Anyway, it is quite an average beach.


Cape Panwa Hotel (4 1/2 star)


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