If you are arranging your own holiday then one of the biggest challenges is finding a good deal on flights. There are so many ways to buy flights and such huge variations in price that it really is tricky to find the best deals. Often when you find a good deal it involves inconvenient flight times, remote airports or long stopovers.

Fortunately, one outstanding performer has emerged on the internet and we are happy to recommend their service. Skyscanner is a flights price comparison engine that will search over 1000 airlines to find you bargain flights around the world.

You can use the link above to access their flight search tool. Enter your departure point and destination and it will connect you to Skyscanner's flights interface which will find the best deals available. The flexible interface will allow you to check different dates for the best prices and flight times. You can change the price currency to your local currency. There are no charges for the service so you have every chance to find the best deal available.



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