What to do if it is Raining

Considering how much it rains from May to October you would think Phuket would have a few more indoor activities. There are surprisingly few indoor activities so here we list in one place a few suggestions for things to do when it is raining.


There are three multiplex cinemas in Phuket.

SFX Cinema, Central Festival - This seven-screen multiplex is a westerner friendly cinema. It is on the third floor of Central Festival shopping mall. It has all the major western movies with English soundtrack and Thai subtitles. It also has English subtitles for most Thai movies. Normal seats cost from 80 to 120 baht. There are sofa seats in the back row which cost 300 baht for two people. There is also a VIP screen which costs 500 baht per person for a sofa seat with snacks and soft drinks included.

Jung Ceylon, Patong - The new shopping complex in Patong now contains the newest cinema in Phuket which only opened in October 2007. This multiplex is strongly aimed at the tourist market so there are plenty of English soundtrack movies. Seats cost 120-baht.

Paradise Multiplex, Ocean Plaza - This multiplex is in Phuket Town on Tilok Uthit 1 Road. It does not screen so many movies with English soundtracks and does not often include English subtitles for Thai movies. Normal seats cost 80 baht.

Ten Pin Bowling

Ten-pin bowling has a following through much of Asia and there are several bowling alleys in Phuket. Devotees of the game seem to be able to play for hours. For the rest it can provide an hour or two of amusement while the rain falls.

Rock and Bowl, Soi Kepsub 2, Sai Nam Yen Road, Patong.

Jung Ceylon Bowling, Patong.

CS Bowl Centre, Top Floor, Big C, Chalermprakiat Road.

Pearl Bowling, Montree Road, Phuket Town.


Massage & Spa

No trip to Thailand is complete without a Thai massage or why not completely pamper yourself with a full day at one of Phuket's many top class spas. The list of available spa services is long - massage, saunas, herbal steam rooms, perfumed jacuzzis, mudbaths, marine salt scrubs, aromatherapy, facials and colonic irrigation are just some of the many spa services available in Phuket.

If you just want a massage then there massage parlours everywhere. Some people are concerned about the connection with the sex industry but do not worry - there are lots of genuine massage parlours offering traditional Thai massage. They range from simple massage salons to up-market spas offering a complete pampering service. Salons offer massage from 200-baht an hour, beachside massages cost around 300-baht an hour while you can spend several thousand baht for a full days pampering at one of the top spas.

Traditional Thai massage is a vigorous kneading and stretching routine designed to release tension and activate pressure points to leave you feeling loose and rejuvenated. Some of the actions are distinctly painful but the final result is worth the effort. If you want something more relaxing, try an oil massage. The masseur uses warming massage oils to loosen the muscles and lubricate the kneading action for a totally relaxing experience. Or why not try a foot massage. While working over your foot ankle and calf the practitioners claim to activate pressure points that relieve stress and restore energy flow throughout the body.

Fancy some pampering ?
Contact our tour partners at Easy Day Thailand to book the spa treament of your choice.

Phuket Spa

Fully Insured - Tourism Authority of Thailand Licence 31/00838



Phuket has several little museums. Many of them are small little affairs that while not impressive for their scale, are very charming and offer a nice window into the colourful history of Phuket. Read about them all on our Phuket museums page.



At the end of Cape Panwa is Phuket Aquarium. It is a small aquarium and will take a maximum of an hour to explore. There is a nice range of aquatic life and the final two tanks have some impressive big fish.

The aquarium is open from 08:30 to 16:00. It is a publicly owned facility and practices two-tier pricing. Entrance for foreigners is 100 baht for adults and 50 baht for children. Entrance for Thais is 50 baht for adults and 20 baht for children.



Well you are going to want to do some shopping so you might as well do it when it is raining. Check out our shopping guide for full details on the shopping options in Phuket.



There is something very restful about watching a storm rage from the comfort of a nice bar or restaurant, especially if you have a great view. There is no rush to go anywhere so relax over your food and drink while the rain buckets down and lightening occasionally illuminates the sky. There are lots of great eating-places around the tourist resorts or check out our restaurant guide.


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