Snorkeling Around Phuket

enjoy the sealife in Phuket's crystal clear watersIf you have never snorkeled in tropical waters, your first experience of floating over a coral reef surrounded by colourful fish is something you will always remember. You do not need to be fit or a strong swimmer to enjoy snorkeling. Floating in Phuket's tranquil dry season sea is relaxing and beautiful. Snorkeling can actually be a better way to view sea life than scuba diving where the bubbles scare away a lot of fish. Remember to wear a shirt or put some sunscreen on your back as it will be exposed to the sun and you can easily lose track of time.

Many of Phuket's beaches are too sandy to be good for a snorkel. The best snorkeling locations need rocks and corals to attract plenty of sealife. The tsunami inflicted a lot of damge to Phuket's corals and you will see a lot of flattened dead coral at most of the snorkeling sites. Some corals survived and new corals are growing so there is still plenty to see.

At most sites snorkeling is best when the tide is in. The deeper water brings more fish and better visibility. At some sites, low tide means a difficult struggle over jagged rocks before you reach water deep enough to swim.

There are some good snorkelling beaches on Phuket. Most of the best snorkeling is around the smaller islands surrounding Phuket.

Best Snorkeling Beaches in Phuket

Best Snorkeling Islands around Phuket


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